Covid-19 at InStyle Salon Suites

What to say to clients when you’re attempting to refill appointment books.

With the pandemic impacting the vast majority of the country, many clients may be afraid of being infected, they may not want to be around a lot of people and they definitely don’t want to touch a lot of items. However, never fear because as luck would have it, you are operating your business in a suite that lends itself very well to many of the guidelines in place for social distancing. There are several items that you can discuss with your client to ensure they feel at ease when visiting your suite for services.

No Extra People Sharing Your Space
Unlike multi-chair salons, InStyle Salon Suites offers the opportunity for one beauty, health, or wellness entrepreneur to work in their own suite without interruptions. This means a one on one service where no one enters your suite unless you allow it. Remember this is an environment where no one will ever haphazardly walks across your workspace. Even more so, a suite provides the perfect opportunity to build time inbetween clients where an InStyle Suite professionals can do additional cleaning and disinfecting of everything from styling tools to chair and doorknobs.

No Common Use Items
Your salon suite lends itself beautifully to eliminating the need to share common items like washbowls, styling chairs, dryers, and work stations. Not to mention general styling tools and products. Suites are equipped with small benches outside of the rooms which are perfectly suited to a single client.

Flexible Scheduling
In addition, for clients that are extra concerned about social distancing, InStyle Salon professionals have 24/7 keyed access to their own suites. This means that clients can easily be scheduled in off-hours to ensure that there is not a lot of social interaction with anyone but their service provider.

As an added benefit for those professional that want to change from a multi-chair salon to a suite, there’s no wait to move in as long as there is a suite available and that’s pretty sweet!

We wish you good luck transitioning through this Covid time.