Salon Suites

Business building ideas for our tenants.

Empowering Our Entrepreneurs

Our Salon Suite Blog is designed to pass along marketing and business building information to our tenants. Salon Suite owners are in a unique environment that require on-going marketing to grow their businesses. Today’s beauty professionals have tools today that did not exist a mere 10 years ago.   Prioritize Most suite tenants have limited […]

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Salon Booking Software and POS

An important decision each salon suite owner needs to make is which booking, customer management and point of sale software to use. Thankfully salon software has come a long way. Today there are many options, many with free trials and are easy to use. Your salon software needs to be mobile, professional looking and offers […]

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Getting Started on Your Suite Success!

Suite Success! Setting a strong foundation for your new or existing business is the key to success in your suite. Whether just starting out your business or growing your thriving business more, we’ve included some helpful common sense ideas for you to consider. Set goals Make sure your goals are SMART; ‘specific’, measurable’, ‘achievable’, ‘realistic’ and ‘time-specific’. […]

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Downsizing a Salon

It’s no secret many of our tenants select a salon suite to DOWNSIZE from a full salon. Whether it’s a salon owner, booth renter or commission stylist, all have found haven in operating their own business in an environment that supports their career while giving them back their sanity.   Choosing to downsize does not […]

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Customer Service is Your Art!

Be that great customer focused business. Nurturing customer relationships are a crucial part of growing your successful beauty business. There is an art to it so consider yourself the artist!   Make customers feel important and appreciated! Offer clean and friendly environment Display your Wifi passcode so customers may freely browse while they process! Take […]

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Create a Dream Suite Space

Expressing yourself, your business and esthetic successfully within the confines of your suite requires 3 things, a big picture idea, consistency and a focus on detail. Feminine, Funky or Tranquil are terms that reflect the big picture. What is the first impression you desire when entering your suite? The list is endless but does not […]

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What’s all the Yelping About?

Yelp has succeeded in displaying very well in Google searches, meaning those reviews are important! Your job is to  keep on top of those reviews. If possible, get some of your best clients (and friends!) to write reviews about their positive experiences at your suite. A little effort can go a long way. Yelp is […]

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We love Pinterest!

If you are not already on Pinterest, think about adding a focused board or two for your business. Pinterest’s largest demographic is 18-34 year old upper income women in America’s heartland (the Midwest – that’s us!). If your ideal customer fits this category, Pinterest may be a good match for you. Most content on Pinterest […]

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“Having my own business and private suite has been life changing. I work the hours my clientele requires with their hectic schedules. Early or late we accommodate!”

-Denise Ellch



“My clients love the intimate atmosphere in the professional setting.”

-Danielle Cass

“My salon is a beautiful, intimate space where you can come, relax and leave looking & feeling beautiful.”

-Maria Ganal