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Isn’t It Time to Increase Your Profits?

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“Making the decision to go off on my own has been the best decision for my career. I love being my own boss and love the freedom of having my own space.”

– Leslie Corbin

“I branched out on my own four years ago and found many benefits to being in a Salon Suite situation. The first and most important is the increase in income. Independence would be my number two benefit. My decision to move to InStyle Salon and Spa Suites is a decision I am most proud of. The building is new and clean. The suite is very user friendly. The management is very helpful and friendly. My clients and myself find that the InStyle Salon Suites is the best move I made in my career.”

-Corinne Richards

“Having a suite with InStyle has been an amazing opportunity for me to be my own boss and set my own schedules, and maximize on the profits of what I do here.”

-Kristen Fowler