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Customer Service is Your Art!

photoBe that great customer focused business. Nurturing customer relationships are a crucial part of growing your successful beauty business. There is an art to it so consider yourself the artist!


  • Make customers feel important and appreciated!
  • Offer clean and friendly environment
  • Display your Wifi passcode so customers may freely browse while they process!
  • Take personal time with all your clients and make sure that they are satisfied enough to visit you again and again.
  • I said it before, now I’m saying it again, offer clients a bit of bubbly or splash a of wine. Customers will relax more and enjoy their time in your suite and you just got a bit classier!
  • Try taking a positive spin on the 20% off coupon. Offer it up to your best clients, this reward might reinvigorate their word-of-mouth. They can be your super-fan.
  • Collect, maintain and update your client’s profile and contact information. This invaluable tool, used creatively, will help you nurture your business. Taking notes about a clients pet’s names, grand children’s accomplishments, purchase history, advancements in careers will go miles in nurturing this client relationship. Your notes can remind you about intimate life details that make your clients feel extra special at their next visit.
  • Consider a birthday postcard promo, this one can be set up at the beginning of each year and sent one week or so before their day. Easy to implement and super fun to receive.
  •  Give advise freely. An informed client will trust your expertise and you gain respect.
  •  Make your appointment and consultation process easy. People are very busy, texting your appointment reminder may be a better choice than bothering someone on the phone.
  •  Exceed expectations rather than simply satisfying them
  •  Listening to clients needs helps you decide what retail products are best to sell. Having exactly what they want is individual care that cannot be matched. Stock those items that you love too. Your recommendations are within an arms reach.
  •  Get better at using email or Facebook marketing to educate clients and extend promotions, especially on their favorite products and services.

Enjoy your customers and the time you spend with them. Contact us below if you’d like to share a customer service experience you’ve had.





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“Having my own business and private suite has been life changing. I work the hours my clientele requires with their hectic schedules. Early or late we accommodate!”

-Denise Ellch



“My clients love the intimate atmosphere in the professional setting.”

-Danielle Cass

“My salon is a beautiful, intimate space where you can come, relax and leave looking & feeling beautiful.”

-Maria Ganal