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Lease a suite and make more money.

Increase Your Profits!

No more splitting revenue with a salon owner. Many of our tenants report a 50% increase in their earnings!

Use the Profit Calculator to check how much more you can earn!!

Choose Independence!

Be the boss. Work when you want and how much you want. No more scheduling conflicts with others.

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Create Your Style!

Unlike other salon suites, we paint and encourage you to decorate your suite to reflect your personal style and tastes.

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Join the Industry Trend!

Leasing a Salon Suite is the ideal opportunity for Ownership, without the start-up cost and ongoing cost of overhead.

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The Suite Concept

The New Salon Business Model

The Salon Suite concept is revolutionizing the way the beauty industry operates by allowing you to control your own destiny. Most of us fantasize about bringing home more money, or about being our own boss. When you lease a suite from InStyle Salon & Spa Suites, the two go hand-in-hand: by being your own boss, you earn more money!

Make More Money

Making more money is one of the main reasons beauty professionals decide to join the suites revolution. Using conservative estimates, you should expect to see at least a 50% increase in earnings (and in many cases well over a 100% increase). Any money you collect from your services or products you sell is yours to keep. Check out our Profit Calculator to do your own calculations.

Secure, Private Access

InStyle Suites provides you 24×7 access to your own private suite. From there, you control the days and the times to work.

Your Own Retail

Recommend the retail products that you believe in to your clients. Research shows that customer satisfaction goes up significantly when you make recommendations – clients interpret this as a sign that you care about them. When in business for yourself, any product that you sell, you keep 100% of the profits!

As Easy as Booth Rental

Most beauty professionals are familiar with the “booth rental” concept. Well, a Salon Suite is pretty much the same idea…. and if you lease from us, just about the same cost. The main difference is that you have a much larger, private space to call your own. This allows you to escape the salon politics, and work for yourself… but importantly not by yourself. Each property has between 12 and 20 suites under one roof. So you are never alone. Suite sharing is a great opportunity for nail technicians to share costs too.

Common Questions

For example: If you currently earn 40% of what you ring, and you ring $5000/month in business, you are earning about $2000/month. With an InStyle Salon Suite, you could earn approximately $3825./month. ($5000 less $900 rent approximately $25 insurance, and approximately $250 in hair products.). This example is based on monthly sales and costs numbers, and an average suite price. Use the Profit Calculator to estimate your own increase in profits.

No. Your water, gas and electric are all covered in your monthly rental fee.

No. As a business owner, you have a key to both the front door and your own suite. This allows you to set your own hours, make your own appointments and keep 100% of the profits.

Unlike other salon suites, we only require the security deposit at the time of lease signing. Your first month’s rent is due when you open.

We have flexible lease options. Call us today to find out. 847-529-5498.

We will paint your suite whatever color(s) you choose, letting you decorate to reflect your personal style.

Each suite is fully equipped. A nail technician suite typically feature: Premium pedicure chair, Sink and Cabinetry, Manicure table and chair, and Retail Display space. Each suite is fully readied for phone, and Internet capabilities. Common areas are also provided with waiting area and laundry facilities for your convenience. Gas, Water and Electric utilities are included.

Typical Stylist Suite Includes

  • Nail Station
  • Pedicure Station
  • Chair
  • Sink
  • Retail Space
  • Luxurious Storage Cabinetry
  • Private, Lockable Suite
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Free Directory Listing on Web
  • Cable Ready
  • Business Presence on Web Page
  • Internet Access**


Isn’t It Time to Be Your Own Boss?

Make more money. Control your destiny. Lease your own InStyle Salon & Spa Suite today!